Belinal® is silver fir branch extract from unspoiled largest European forest formation. Never before was extraction made from the parts of tree we do. Unique composition of variety polyphenols with small molecule mass with very high absorption end scientifically proven inside cell activity. 36 different polyphenols identified so far. More powerful antioxidant activity than well-known standards, anti diabetic activity, anti inflammatory activity, anti aging activity*.


  • Components of Belinal® break through the cell membrane and act where they are needed.
  • Consequently stronger and effective indications when compared to well-known standards ( Resveratrol, Green tea – ECGC, Vitamin E and C, Goji, Acaiberry,…).
  • New unique ingredient and origin on the world market  for innovative products – exclusive advantage for competitors.
  • Small molecule mass polyphenols below 1000 Da reflects in very high absorption in small intestine. 
  • Belinal® has scientifically proven strong indications on common diseases associated with modern civilization: cardiovascular and diabetes.
  • Belinal® has scientifically proven strong indications on modern well-being trends: sport & active, anti-aging, weight management.
  • Small single dosage 50-150 mg.

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